Kowa 880 Series 88mm Straight Spotting Scope Without Eyepiece

  • Fluorite Crystal Lenses with ED.
  • Dual Focus (Quick and fine focusing)
  • Fluorite Lens without eyepiece
  • 88mm Straight Spotting Scope
  • Compact
  • Eyepiece locking mechanism
  • Magnesium alloy body
    Kowa 880 Series 88mm Straight Spotting Scope Without Eyepiece

    The Kowa 880 Series 88mm Straight Spotting Scope is a world-class spotter, redefining the standards of sharpness, color brilliance and brightness. The 880 Series uses an element of PFC (Pure Fluorite Crystal) glass in its construction, this minimizes chromatic aberration. This ensures maximum efficiency in its light gathering, producing a clear visual range and sharp imagery that traditional glass lenses cannot attain at their highest magnifications and with the strongest of subject/background contrast changes. Fluorite is extremely expensive, but the subtle difference between the viewing from the Prominar-equipped 883 Series and the very best normal scopes is obvious even to a novice. Kowa's use of their patented "C3" prism multi-coating process increases image brightness significantly over their previous-generation models which featured fluorite.

    The 883's housing is made of a magnesium alloy that defines maximum durability and lightweight construction, resulting is a compact, ergonomic and functional design for extreme nature and outdoor enthusiasts wanting only the very best. It sets the benchmark for the perfect combination of large objective and small weight and mass.

    As the angled viewing model of Kowa's flagship line, this scope makes sharing the view amongst multiple observers easy and is also more comfortable for longer glassing sessions. An angled scope allows for a slightly smaller, shorter tripod and requires a bit more experience to quickly locate the subject in the scope.
    More Information
    Objective Lens Diameter 88mm / 3.46"
    Lens Type Fluorite Crystal Lens
    Minimum Focusing Distance 5m (16.4')
    Filter Diameter 95mm / 3.74"
    Length 343mm (13.5")
    Weight 1520 g (53.6 oz)
    Objective Diameter 88mm
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