Types of Riflescope

Types of Rifle Scopes

Most hunters back then dream of riflescopes that are able to give them the ability to aim long distance precisely and hunt down even the smallest target in such range. With recent rapid technology advancements, manufacturers have developed such scopes that surpass these hunters' expectations and even progressed further in this field. Nowadays, you can find various types of scopes to be used in different kinds of situations in any rifle stores. These different rifle scopes are designed for different functionality and conditions, depending on your hunting needs. So, choosing a riflescope isn't as easy as you imagined, but we'll be happy to guide you through the mess.

General Hunting Rifle Scopes

General hunting scopes are good enough for your normal target shooting and hunts. These scopes usually pack the standard 3-9x magnification which is sufficient enough to make the most out of your hunts. With 3x power magnification, you would be able to gain enough light transmission from your scope and ample field of view to secure your targets well, while 9x magnification gives you capabilities for longer shots. Lower magnifications are substantially essential for general hunts because you would want to have a flexible yet versatile magnification scope to scan your whole field of view. Just as they say, less is more in the aspect of shooting.

Target & Varmint Rifle Scopes

Target & Varmint scopes are specifically designed for varmint hunters and target shooters. These scopes provide better magnification and finer scope adjustments to facilitate accurate small target shooting at various ranges. Besides, most of these scopes feature long eye relief, simple and fine target reticles. These features are vital in target/varmint hunting so hunters would be comfortable to have a clear aiming sight without being much obstructed.

Tactical Rifle Scopes

Tactical riflescopes are in demand recently with its quick, adjustable turrets. These scopes come with either fixed or variable magnifications. Military forces often utilize fixed power magnification which allows fast aiming and quicker reaction in combats. Variable magnification tactical scopes also features 'open-style' turrets for fast and precise adjustments for both close and long range targeting. So as to speak, you can rely on these tactical scopes for optimum aim control and accuracy in close combats.

Big Game or Trophy Rifle Scopes

A quality rifle scope is a must for risky big game or trophy hunting. Big game or trophy huntings pose various risks due to the often close combat with charging targets. Big game or trophy rifle scopes are packed with features that are suited for big game hunting situations. Low-range magnification variables with quick adjustable turrets are ideal in big game scopes for swift, accurate short-range aiming. Duplex reticles are common in big game scopes due to its simple aiming and ease of use.

Night Vision Rifle Scopes

Night vision is utterly important to gain sight of target in pitch black darkness. With specially designed night vision riflescopes, you will be able to detect target in all low-light conditions such as dusk, dawn or even midnight hunting. Night vision riflescopes are divided into different generations according to its capabilities and image resolution. With a night hunting riflescope in your hands, darkness will not be a concern anymore for your hunting trips.